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fell down the stairs

Yesterday afternoon I fell down about 4/5 steps of my stairs and banged my back very hard off a few of them. Its not bruised but is very painful to move and I get a pinching/burning pain when I move in certain ways!!

Is this something I should go to the doctor about?

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I'm don't know very much about back injuries to be honest but I didn't want to read and run! If you're concerned or in a lot of pain and pain killers haven't helped I would probably go to a walk in centre just in case

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In my opinion, a chiropractor would probably be a better choice than a doctor. The chiro would put your spine/hips back into alignment which would relieve most of your pain and discomfort while the dr would probably just send you home with instructions to take an anti-inflammatory and/or OTC pain relievers and rest.

I've had back issues for years due to a slipped disc and ever time I have a major fall like what you describe, I've gone in right away for an adjustment because I know my disc issues could get worse if I don't take care of my back. It's amazing how much even a little trip can knock things out of whack. Hope that helps and that you feel better soon.

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If it isn't easing or problems persist you should definitely get that seen too. Like Dairymomma suggested a chiropractor would likely be the best choice if you can. x

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I agree with going to the chiropracter. I had no idea how much better they can make your back feel until I completely threw my back out last year. Literally couldn't even walk, I was crawling. One trip to the chiro, and I could walk again (still hurt, but was a ton better than hurting so bad I was crawling). Several more trips for follow up that week, and I was back to normal. I was amazed.

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