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Online Access to Higher Education Diploma (Nursing and Midwifery)

Has anybody done this course?

I'm looking at doing it now alongside by current job, it's a year long and is done from home.

And then I can go to University and apply for midwifery or nursing, I appreciate midwifery is super hard to get into so nursing would be fine, although I really like the idea of working in Neonatal, especially with Jenson being in there when he was born xxxx

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Dont have much info sorry but Good luck I applied to do children nursing about 7 years ago ( OMG I am old ) and they said they liked it if you did some voluntary work or nursing assistant ( could be bank work at the time) within your field first-not sure if this is an option.

Love your name-it was our girls name-but we had a boy xxxx

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no experience sorry, BUT if i had the money i would 100% do this and have looked into it before. i agree with pp they like you to have 'some' experience on a ward, working with patients etc with there being so many applications to get onto the uni course

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No experience with it but want to say good luck if you do, do it! That would be so lovely

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No exp with this particular course but MHO is if you want to be a midwife don't settle for nursing. Midwifery is worth fighting to get onto and if you want to work in neonates at some point midwifery will give you better expierence for it than nursing. Midwifery courses are competitive to get on yes but somebody has to get the places no reason it can't be you

Just giving you my expierence
Good luck xx

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I have done both nursing and midwifery. I've never done an Access course - I did A Levels and then straight to uni for adult nursing. I worked as a nurse for a few years then did my shortened midwifery course (18 months to do a degree as opposed to the usual three years). Back doing nursing now, though I do massively miss midwifery.

Neonatal units employ both nurses and midwives.

Nursing is much easier to get accepted for than midwifery. If you did go for nursing, I would suggest doing adult branch as there are many more options (including the shorted midwifery course) than with the other branches. I think nursing first gives you a wonderful grounding for midwifery. When I was doing midwifery, the girls who had done the thee year course (as in, they were not nurses) worried about anyone with health problems, whereas I (and the other girls who were nurses) were much more confident caring for these women. It is also much easier to get accepted on the shortened course than the three year course (there were about 2.5 applicants per place for the shortened course, compared to about 60 applicants per place for the direct entry (three year) course!).

That being said, since I started my nurse training nearly 12 years ago, they have been saying that they are scrapping the shortened course, so there is always the gamble that by the time you get there, it will no longer be in existence.

When you come to do your application to uni, you need to word it carefully as the same personal statement is used for all choices. I think you would need to apply for either nursing or midwifery as you won't sound committed to either. And if you opt for nursing, do not tell them you've 'settled for nursing' or mention that you want to be a midwife.

And definitely get some work experience - either paid or unpaid - in a variety of nursing/midwifery settings.

Good luck!

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I know someone who use to use this forum did it. Don't think she uses it anymore though unfortunately. She did get onto the university course and is probably very close to qualified by now

I'm going to do it but not for midwifery or nursing. Another health related degree though.

You do need some sort of experience but it's interchangeable, so like doing some sure start stuff or whatever.

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I'm a student midwife and I did my access to get into it, I did it from college though not online. From what I found it's very full on so I found going to college gave me the motivation to get it done.

When it comes to applying for uni make sure you get as much experience as possible. Also if you are interested in neonate nursing you could also do paediatric nursing at uni, although you can go on to neonate nursing for midwifery or adult nursing as well.

Good luck.

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Yes i did it with the Distance Learning Centre but didnt finish it as i didnt have the time! But i know a few people who have done access courses and gone on to do their degree

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I done the access course but at a college rather than online. I'm now almost finished my second year of an adult nursing degree.

I agree about it being worthwhile getting some experience, at the hospitals near me they had volunteering opportunities. I'd also say that while experience is desired, it may not always be essential. I had absolutely no experience when I applied to university but just highlighted my skills and how they were transferable to the role of a nurse.

Also agree about making sure you choose what you want to do. A few girls in my year wanted to be midwives and settled for nursing and they regret that choice. I couldn't imagine not doing nursing and I personally feel it's too full on a course not to be entirely committed.

Good luck! I done the access in 2014 and always thought 2018 was so far away and now it's only next year! xx

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