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Online Access to Higher Education Diploma (Nursing and Midwifery)

Has anybody done this course?

I'm looking at doing it now alongside by current job, it's a year long and is done from home.

And then I can go to University and apply for midwifery or nursing, I appreciate midwifery is super hard to get into so nursing would be fine, although I really like the idea of working in Neonatal, especially with Jenson being in there when he was born xxxx

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Dont have much info sorry but Good luck I applied to do children nursing about 7 years ago ( OMG I am old ) and they said they liked it if you did some voluntary work or nursing assistant ( could be bank work at the time) within your field first-not sure if this is an option.

Love your name-it was our girls name-but we had a boy xxxx

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no experience sorry, BUT if i had the money i would 100% do this and have looked into it before. i agree with pp they like you to have 'some' experience on a ward, working with patients etc with there being so many applications to get onto the uni course

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No experience with it but want to say good luck if you do, do it! That would be so lovely

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No exp with this particular course but MHO is if you want to be a midwife don't settle for nursing. Midwifery is worth fighting to get onto and if you want to work in neonates at some point midwifery will give you better expierence for it than nursing. Midwifery courses are competitive to get on yes but somebody has to get the places no reason it can't be you

Just giving you my expierence
Good luck xx

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