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Problem getting a credit refund from littlewoods.

I have a littlewoods account that i paid off at the end of jan and then a few days later they put my account into -75.75 and when i phoned them up they said i'd over paid on the intrest and they owed me the 75.75 and they'd send out a cheque and i'd receive it within 11 days. That was fine, until i'd then been waiting 3 weeks and had spoken to a few advisors on the online chat all saying it had been sent out and i should receive it soon, until one person told me a cheque hadn't been send out and i'd have to phone up to request a bank/card refund.

I've now been waiting since the 6th feb for this refund and all i keep getting from them that there is a backlog/delay in card refunds and it should be cleared soon.

Is there anything i can do apart from wait even longer? And actually hope they have issued the card refund as they didn't the cheque as it never arrived.

I've always paid my account on time every month and it annoys me that if you don't pay they add money onto your next bill but take there time paying you money owed.

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I'd be furious and not leave the online chat until you got full clarification that you will be issued a refund, if they can't request to speak to a manager. If they ask you to call tell them that is not an option as it will cost you the phone bill.

Make sure you note times and the rep you are talking to. Can you look at call history and confirm the date you called and was advised a cheque? If so I would point this out in the starting conversation.

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I agree with wobbles, I'd ring up and ask for a manager and not get off the phone until they sort it. My job is getting refunds from energy companies for my customers so I can spend a lot of time on the phone etc, I remember ringing Thames water once 7 times for a refund and being told a manager would get back to me etc! On the final call I refused to hang up until it was sorted the woman completely sympathised and got me 90% there so was worth it!

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