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I like my privacy so keep my friends limited to people I'd actually meet up with in real life. But that's about 130 since I've got a large family and have close friends from our time overseas as well as in the UK. I don't post pics, videos or comments about my kids for their privacy. If I have something I want to share I WhatsApp it.

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I've no idea. I don't post much and generally don't bother keeping up with how many likes. If I get notice that someone made a comment, I'll usually thank them or like their comment, but I couldn't tell you how many comments I've ever got; I just don't care enough to take notice.

I've also never focused on anyone else's likes. It's just not important to me I guess.

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I have 175 friends. Mostly post about Thomas. Lots of friends are from here or are part of the sn community. Last photo I posted got 2 likes but it varies wildly our marriage announcement got 72 likes mainly because we had a secret wedding.

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I think it depends on your type of friends. I have a lot of friends who don't 'do' social media so have under 100 friends )I limit to people actually in my life)

A friend is a few years younger and into dancing and theatre, her friends seem to be more into promoting themselves, and they all like each other's things.

I honestly don't care I post rarely usually about the kids and get a decent amount of likes but probably because it's rarely. A friend literally posts about her kids every day but people obviously get bored.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Facebook, it annoys me but I can't seem to stay away...

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Ah it is interesting isn't it. Facebook can take up so much of a persons time but its. Also great for keeping intouch. I have 200 friends. I guess it depends on the circle of friends you have.

I actually think people portray a perfect life on Facebook. Like a girl on mine likes shabby chic and she will stand a perfect mug next to a card or shopping list and her life instantly looks better somehow. It is easy to think others have the perfect life i guess

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I use instagram alot more than facebook. Id say on average id get 20-50 likes but its pretty much the same people everytime, my friends on fb are from old jobs etc and dont have kids and have no interst in my kiddie pics. On instagram iv more mum friends so probably more likes.

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Old Mar 14th, 2017, 20:54 PM   17
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My Facebook is on lockdown and for close friends/family only so just barely over 100 friends. I think I'll get maybe 10-20 likes and can get 30+ for "big" announcement type things.

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I have around 250 FB friends I think. Many of those are old school friends, friends from places we have lived in the past, family, current friends, etc. I don't post much anymore, usually only if I have a really good pic of all 4 of us, or of the kids. Or something really funny that the kids did. I probably average around 40-50 likes, but I think that's because I don't post often anymore, and when I do, its a pretty good pic. When I used to post all the time when the kids were younger (and i thought every single little thing they did was post worthy, lol), I only averaged around 10-15 likes which was mainly very close friends and immediate family. It probably bored everyone else.

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Depends on the post really some stuff gets 1 like and other stuff gets over 100 likes. Just really Depends! I have about 400 friends.

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