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How facebook popular are u lol

Hello ladies. Just a humerous thread really nothing too serious. I was uploading our beautiful holiday snaps to facebook the other day and about 17 people liked my album. I was scrolling through my news feed afterwards and i realised that facebook highlights just how popular you are.

A girl i went to school with is on there. She's lovely dont get me wrong but she could get more likes on a bowl of her slimming world breakfast malties than i got on my daughters first birthday picture 😂😂😂

Its funny isn't it how some people just simply get fussed over and others not so much.

I like to think my child is cute. She is funny in the odd video i post. But on average i get about 6 likes and no comments on videos and about 10 likes on pictures 20 on a good one!!! But theres these people who get 35 likes on a video and 20 comments.

I have a few friends and a few joint friends and family. I like to think i am nice! But im just not fb popular lol

Feel free to discuss lol

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I have 206 fb friends. I get anything between 15-50 likes on pictures and videos. In all fairness, I hardly 'like' anything on FB either! I don't tend to get as many comments as likes, though!

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I don't keep lots of friends on there (I have less than 100) so I don't really expect to get many likes, plus I keep my profile private. Probably 20 is about the maximum I'll get.
OH on the other hand has over 1000 friends and loves attention - his posts get about 75+ likes on a good day

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I have about 85 friends. 5-10 likes I usually get... My mum is guaranteed to like my pictures, lol, then usually my friends with kids. I get more likes on the funny things my kids say than on photos. (For example being told I look 'exactly the same' as captain hook because of my hair, haha)
I'm not a massive 'liker' of things but I make a comment on pictures I like.

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I do get a lot of likes, mostly off BnB friends and family that I've got on Facebook. Most of my photos are of the kids

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I was always comparing myself to others so I deleted fb

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I have under 200 friends on fb, and most of my posts are child related . I don't get hundreds of likes, average is 10-20. I'm pretty boring though to be fair haha.

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I have 247 friends on fb.

Most of my posts are child related, I average 10-20 likes per post. The most "likes" I ever had was on the announcement of our second born which was 130 something but where are those lot now

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I have under 150 "friends" on FB, I mostly post about DS Or me being in hospital right now the only photos are off DS or any quotes i like. xxx

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I've got just over 300 friends, normally get between 20-40 likes on photos especially of the kids, most I've got was 66 a rare pic of me and hubby and 61 for my new leg tattoo, Didn't have fb when had the kids, only had it for just over a year x

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