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help with job application

on the application (as a cleaner) it says..
'we promote a culture and values encompassing Creative, Bold and Genuine characteristics; how do your skills, experience or ambitions meet our values?'

I feel a bit thick, what am i supposed to put for this part, i dont get how im supposed to put anything about my experiences in regards to creative bold and genuine characteristics??

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Eleanor ace
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That is worded really oddly! I think they're asking you to talk about your ambitions, so for example:

"I aspire to run the first eco friendly, bespoke housekeeping company in the area in the future (for example! This would cover bold/creative). To this end I plan to learn all I can and develop my cleaning and interpersonal skills by working with your company. I have developed x and x abilities through my role as x (your previous job/jobs) at x (company) and I really developed my time management and x (any other example which is relevant to the job) skills. I'm now looking for a new challenge where I can develop my x skills. I am confident that I can be an asset to your team as I have a lot of experience in this field and proven dedication to my work.

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