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What to ask when viewing a house

What should you ask when viewing a house?


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Things I would want to know: How much are the taxes? What do the utilities typically run for this particular house (a lot of times they can find out from the owner)? Those two factors can make a huge difference in overall cost of the house depending on tax rates in different locations, and how energy efficient the home is.

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For rent or to buy?

If buying the energy ratings should be on the website (like right move) or the properties printout.

Council tax is a big thing, I've been caught out by that and wished I'd asked.

One thing I always check in a property is the water pressure on the shower I run it! Nothing worse than a slow running bath/shower.

If you want attic space always ask if it's accessible/boarded ... it's another important factor for me personally.

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Taxes, energy bills, any known issues with the home (flooding, repairs).

Checking storage space
Water pressure
If it has its own well and septic system
About the neighborhood
How old the windows, roof, etc are.

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I'd ask how old the boiler is and whether it's been serviced or not.

Ask if there are any maintenance/service charges as I've come across this even with freehold houses (not always well advertised!)

It's always good to get clarity on what would stay or go, although that is something that can be pinned down later on.

I always ask how much you can hear next door although an honest answer isn't guaranteed!

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