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Originally Posted by d_b View Post
Originally Posted by dairymomma View Post
I really like how she has things broken up and if you really follow her ideas, housecleaning really only takes about 2 hours out of your day.
Isn't 2 hours a lot? I think we do about a half hour, hour max. Aside from Fridays when I don't work, I try to clean the main bathroom, clean the porch, and vacuum that day, or on the weekend if I don't have time. The rest of the week it's just cleaning up after meals and putting away toys every evening. Usually one of us cleans as the other gets the kids ready for bed.

Basically I dislike all cleaning aside from when OH takes all the kids outside so I can clean, then it's like a vacation 😊.

The most helpful thing for us is to try to be somewhat minimalistic. We are not minimalists but we got rid of a lot of excess furniture and all knick knack-y type stuff. We do a toy rotation and not a ton of toys are out at any given time.
I was thinking the same thing, two hours every day is a lot of time! Even if I didn't work I still wouldn't spend two hours every day cleaning my house. To be honest, I don't think I could find enough things to clean for it to take that long! We are also fairly minimalistic, we don't have knick knacks or other clutter, and aside from toys there are never any other things laying around the house. Everything has a place and we just put things back where they belong when we are done so the house stays tidy. We also don't have a whole lot of toys available at all times, she has enough toys to keep her occupied, and if she gets bored or if we notice that she hasn't played with something in a long while then we take that toy away and bring out something else. Even if she takes all her toys out at once it takes only 2-3 minutes to put them all away so the toys don't take over the house.

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I also scoffed at 2 hours, life is way too short for that kind of daily commitment to something so menial.

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I'm pretty good at keeping on top of the housework, mainly because I have to be- there's 8 of us in the house and if I let it slip for even a day it shows!
Things that are done every day-
Mopping floors
Cleaning sides
Cleaning bathrooms
Dishes (dishwasher ha)

I HATE laundry. Detest it! It's not the washing, drying, folding or ironing-- it's the putting away I can't stand and so I find I have piles of clean clothes that I will continuously put off taking upstairs!

I also hate windows, we have a lot of glass in the house and we have a karcher window vac too but I still really don't like doing them and the kids are forever putting their dirty little mitts all over them!

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i too think 2 hours is too long. I generally hoover, bleach everywhere every day usually taking 30-45 mins at the most. once a week i do the bedding, probably every three days i do one or two loads of washing. Once a week i will have a 'deep' clean including wiping down the leather sofa.
I use an IKEA unit for DDs toys and only take out one box to play with at a time.

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