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Advice on this horrible feeling i get

Hey ladies last year i had low iron and the tablets the dr gave me made me feel sick so after alot of searching around i heard about spa tone a liquid iron you drink with orange juice. I think it gives me a boost. Occasionally i forget to take it and it doesn't seem to affect me but occasionally at night i get this horrible thing happen and i dont think
It's linked to spa tome.

My body starts to feel drained around my chest and my stomach goes a little sickly but not nauseous. Usually if my partner is home i will go lay in bed and I usually end up shivering or taking deep breaths at i feel like my lungs are not full. I generally feel rough and i hope dd stays asleep because i feel weak. Then i seem to dream loads and wake up feeling rough still but with enough energy to move. I also feel really down when this happens. Just anxious and flat really. But then it goes away. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it. I wander if i should keep a food diary incase its when i dont have the healthiest day or whether i should note if it when i have walked loads.

I know ideally I should go and see a doctor but its only occasional and i guess it could be a lack of iron? Does anyone else get like this?

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Have the doctors ran any other bloods recently?
Are you taking any medication other than the spa tone?
Keeping a diary could possibly help notice a pattern or trigger
Like what times it happens what you were doing in the lead up to it happening etc.
I would deffo speak to your doctor if it continues. I hope you feel better soon

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I've been anaemic and in my case, it was pretty constant and pretty obvious. If it's happening only occasionally, I doubt it's linked to either the spatone or low iron. Have you had your iron levels checked recently? If they are normal, there may be no reason for you to continue taking the spatone anyway and I'd probably try to come off it and see if you can maintain those levels (it's pretty expensive for regular use after all). It could be a number of things and it would be good to get your bloods checked, as well as blood pressure and standing and resting heart rates just to be sure. It's also possible that it could be anxiety since you said you feel anxious. I don't know about the sleep and weird dreams, but a lot of the other symptoms you describe could be symptoms of an anxiety attack. You can have one even when you don't think you feel anxious in advance.

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