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That flaming car!

Sorry I just need to rant somewhere before I cry!

Bought from an independent garage (2011 Ford C-Max) had it 5 weeks and the clutch went, not just a wear and tear clutch part the actual clutch plate was In bits, garage we bought off wouldn't fix it as had had car over 30 days ended up costing us 800 at local garage and now the steering has gone, it's electric steering so no easy pump to change or part going to cost 1800 for a new steering rack, surely that's something that shouldn't go like that !

I've had the flaming thing 6 months and has nothing but problems, it really stings as it's financed so currently paying for s car that's sat in the garage for long periods of time, I'm in district nursing so need my car, I'm on annual leave this week but god knows what I'll do next week or for weeks after as could take 5 weeks, no second car and no one to borrow off either wish there was some way I could just cut my losses angry

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Do you have any such thing as a lemon law? I know we have them in the US, it appears Canada also has them and Singapore recently passed something similar, but I didn't see anything about the UK or anywhere else.

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