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Working from home


I have decided today that I am handing in my notice in work, they keep messing me around with my hours and I have had enough. It will work out better for me not working as I need help with childcare. Im looking at jobs from home, or making money from home, does anyone do it? No anyone who does do it?

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I work as a freeland technical editor for environmental consulting companies. Basically after all the different disciplines finish writing their portions of an environmental impact report I put it all together, make sure the verbiage and formatting is all consistent, and edit/proofread for grammar and spelling. I set my own hours but make sure my clients know I am available at a certain time every week for phone calls, meetings etc, but for the most part I work whenever I want (making sure the reports get submitted by the deadline) and if we want to go on vacation I just don't take on any contracts. I also work full time outside of the home (in a completely different field) so I'm not taking on very many contracts right now, but once I am finished with my next maternity leave I will probably only work outside of the home two days a week and pick up more contracts that I can do from home so we don't have to pay for childcare for two kids.

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Hi Emma&Freya...just wanted to say congratulations on your decision to do what's best for your family! How's is your search coming? I hope you find what you're looking for. I started two related work from home businesses not too long ago with DH. I enjoy it and hoping that I can leave me FT job by the time we have our first

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