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I don't think there's a way to tell if they're real or fake which is why I'll only give to people I know and trust or a friend/relative of someone I know/trust when I have the extra money.

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I only donate if it's someone I actually know, and know that there is an actual need/crisis, and that it isn't some fraudulant GoFundMe page. There are way too many of those out there to donate to strangers, where you have no idea if they actually need the money for what they say they need it for, or if they just want money to use for a vacation or whatever.

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I recently donated to one for a little girl in our area who was similar age at the time to my little girl - they wanted to fulfill her bucket list before she passed and thankfully they managed to do this - it is the one and only time I have donated to one of these pages as it just broke my heart and they were a local family.

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I donated a while ago to a friend of a friend. She was doing it to raise money for Mind after our mutual friend passed away due to her mental health

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I have for friends or friends of friends etc or if it's something that's in the headlines/being shared by well known people/the media.

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