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What is this pain? Where is it coming from?

I get this pain regularly. Its above my left hip ( ?) bone. But not a bone pain more of a inside pain. It is so gradually moves to inbetween the hip (?) bones, to the bit where if pressed i can tell i need a wee, so my bladder im assuming.
I know this makes no sence. I just can not figure out what it is, and why it happens at least once a month. I should probably go to the drs, but untill i do, can anyone possibly tell me what im talking about. I cant even google because i have no idea what to search for. Tia

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It may be a hard poo. If you lay down and press the area gently from above the left hip along to your belly button you make actually feel a hard length that way which is a build up. I went to the Dr for this and was quite surprised but releived it was nothing worse

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Could it be ovary pain, or a cyst on your ovary? It can hurt round that area X

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Originally Posted by calm View Post
Could it be ovary pain, or a cyst on your ovary? It can hurt round that area X
I was going to say ovary pain. That's exactly where hurt when I had an ectopic pregnancy and it hurts each month that I ovulate from that side (I didn't have my tube removed) - the pain is quite similar to what you explained

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If it's cyclical it's likely to be ovary pain or something. Ovulation can actually hurt like that. It could also be a cyst or endometriosis. I had horrific left ovary pain once a month, so bad I couldn't function. I eventually ended up having a laparoscopy and they found endo, it was on my left ovary, they cut it all out and voila no more pain.

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It definitely sounds like it's ovary pain but there could be a number of reasons for that ovulation, cysts etc. If it's persistent and you're worried get it checked.

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