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Not sure what's going on...

So I'm not sure if this is being posted in the right forum or not. Mods, feel free to move it if need be.

First, my name is Kristy. I'm a lurker around here lately. I go months without signing in, and then i'll be on consecutive days and just read peoples stories. I was sort of active when I first signed up, but life got a hold of me and I didn't have much time for me lately. but anyways!!

Let me just say this first, SO and I are not trying, nor preventing. AF is pretty regular, some cycles are longer than others but nothing that I don't think is out of the normal. But...the past 2 weeks have been a little unusual for me.

Last Sunday, May 7th...I went to the bathroom and when I wiped it was pinkish. It didn't alarm me, I was due for my period so I just assumed it was the start of it. Well, the next 3 days, until Wednesday the 10th, that's all it was. Pinkish/light red when I wiped after going pee. I never had to use a tampon or pad, it was only when I went to the bathroom. But it lasted 4-5 days so I didn't think anything of it. It's just a lighter period, nothing to be concerned about. Well now today, May 15th...I got to work and I went to the bathroom, and when I went to wipe, I saw a couple drops of blood in the toilet, and then when I wiped it was bright red. I immediately put a tampon in and was debating on going to the Dr. I was talking with my SO, and we both decided that I'd just see how it went the rest of the day. Well a couple hours later, I went to the bathroom to switch my tampon...and it had barely anything in it. And again 4 hours later, I went to the bathroom and there's no blood or anything.

I don't know what the hell is going on. I feel fine I think? I did some research online, and it could be multiple things. Nothing sticks out at me though....just curious if anyone has experienced this? Or has any knowledge of what may be going on.

I did just change up my diet a couple weeks ago, but not that extreme where it would mess with my cycle. IDK...I feel like a crazy lady today with all the thoughts I've been having.

Thanks in advance for any responses!!!!

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Have you used a pregnancy test? If you did and it was negative I would do another in a week and if still negative would put it down to a weird period. It happens sometimes, mine used to be pretty much the same all the time but I find they tend to vary a little more these days from heavy gradually becoming lighter and then they will be super light and can last anywhere between 4-7 days

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I was going to ask if you've tested too? Mine have been irregular this month, spotting like you described for weeks and I'm now late, but I'm on the pill and I tested so I'm ok!!

I saw my GP about something else and mentioned it. He said they'd only investigate after 3 cycles of it being abnormal, and to keep track of them for now.

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