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A holiday for next year for two weeks

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Originally Posted by JessyG View Post
Originally Posted by LoraLoo View Post
Originally Posted by topsy View Post
I have started a tin for D'S birthday ( next feb) BUT we are going away in April for it. So I am saving my silver change. It's in a tub. In the cupboard. Xxx
Its surprising how much you can save in tins/tubs just with loose change. We did it for France n there was a couple of hundred which we split between the kids for their own spending money. Need to restart but i need one that i cant get into or i end up borrowing from it snd not putting it back!
I do this too. Trouble is i do it whether its lose change or money in a savings acc! Doh. I need it to be out of sight for it to work for me! I have too many days of 'ach you only live once!'
Ha me too! Its like a constant battle in my head.i save with the credit union now as its less accessible and you need to give notice for larger amounts x

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Never been able tobsave in a jar, I hardly have cash on me and always need change. My nan is great and often saves a few hundred pounds.

I like the idea (think it was on here) of putting anya extra pence in your bank account into another account each week. That I could do as I'm always on our online banking...

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So many things lol. New kitchen, extension... and my brother and I decided to plan epic things for our 40ths so mine in 2022 and his in 2024. I need to win the lottery

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Oct =450 maybe that will get me half way across the Alantic xxxx

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We really need to start saving badly... at the moment it's saving just for xmas as I haven't even started yet!

But me and my oh we're talking last night after xmas we're gonna start saving properly 400 a month into one savings account for holidays/birthdays/Christmas etc so fun stuff really and then 600 a month into a separate account for emergencies, car repairs, appliances, diy etc.

We really need our bathroom redoing we have half the stuff already just need to buy the bath, toilet and tiles for the wall now. We save on labour as he will be doing it. So that's our first thing we want to save for x

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I am currently saving for maternity leave. After that we are saving to payoff my car loan or pay for a new vehicle for DH. I am hoping that will be done March 2019. At that point our main goal will be to payoff a couple larger debts that have high interest.

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