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Following. My DD has just started school and I'm not impressed with hot dinners they don't seem very healthy to me (infants can also have a free packed lunch from school)
I said I'll keep her on hot meals until end of term as it's all still new to her and then think about switching, just not sure what I would send to keep it varied :-)

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Mum (Mom)
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DS doesn't have a packed lunch yet as he only does mornings in nursery (different up here in Scotland I think). However I do make OH a packed lunch. Generally he had a wrap, sandwich or pasta, a packet of baked crisps, some type of fruit and a snack packet of biscuits. We also do a lot of home baking (keeps my son occupied!) So I put something of that in. If not I'll put in a jelly pot/custard pot. He seems to like it haha.

We shop at Aldis and only spend 40 on a house shop for 3 of us actually eating. We pick up little bits and bobs through the week if need be but I can't fault it - most of the food is better quality!

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It's my first year in 11 yrs I am not making packed lunches and J gets school dinners (but usually has the pick n mix option which is fab at our school.

I used to make Crispie cakes as a cheap snack for lunchboxes.

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Mummy May
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I've just put Florence on packed lunches, Rory still has school lunches but ths because hes REALLY fussy so we want to encourage him to eat other things apart from his safe foods - though I agree they aren't the best!

We shop at Aldi and it usually costs around 40 per week for 4 of us including packed lunches.

For Florence I pack

Tuna/Ham wrap (you can get best of both wraps in Aldi!)
Small savoury egg/pork pie
Mini soreen/animal biscuits
Piece of fruit

She also takes fruit for breaktime and only takes water. I haven't ever put crisps in, only because I thought I would get told off


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