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I've done quite a few cities, I loved Reykjavik but it is a longer flight (3h I think? Or maybe 2!) and depending on weather you might not get to see much. You need to go in winter to get a decent chance of the northern lights but you can only see them in clear nights, it snowed the entire time we were there. It was really expensive for food and drink and we were really disappointed by the night life, but we are city people and Reykjavik is tiny in comparison to what we are used to. They did have a good cafe culture and lots of nice places to eat but it wasn't our cup of tea at night - plus it was so slippy on the pavements! I wore wellies the entire time haha.

I enjoyed Amsterdam but I do t think I'll go back. The flight was short and it's easy to get around the city but it was really ... tacky? It was basically all just sex and cannabis. Again we went in winter so it was really cold and again snowed the entire time.

One of my favourite cities is Barcelona but I'd only go in summer. I've been off season and I much prefer it in summer; there's a lot of outdoorsy stuff to do and it's far nicer to see in the nice weather. I'm not even a sun worshipper! I disliked the constantly being on guard for pickpockets - I've been about 10-15 times and I've witnessed countless people being robbed. Somebody tried to steal our suitcase from right in front of us in the train station; my mums friend got her bag stolen but that was her fault for leaving it on the floor in a cafe.

I didnt like Madrid or Paris. Too pretentious for my tastes. Paris was really dirty.

Next on my list are Venice, Dubrovnik and Copenhagen. I've heard Venice smells so that's putting me off a bit, and Copenhagen is expensive when you get there.

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