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I ran my business via a private sellers account (shhh). I sold between 200-700 a month, Paypal tried flagging me for money laundering but got it sorted.

99p auctions are free to list. You will be given a limit for your sales (normally 3,500 a month or 100 listings - whichever comes first). You get to upload 12 free photos too.

You are charged 10% of the winning price (excluding p&p) by ebay, then paypal is 3.4%. So you started auction at 99p + 4 p&p > winning bid is 23.48 > you receive 26.68 in paypal (22.68 goods and 4 postage). At the end of the month, you will be invoiced for 2.34 for that 1 sale.

Back then, you could customise your description with different fonts, sizes and colours to make it stand out and look pretty. Now you can't.

Just give as much detail in the description as you can. Give the items a photoshoot! Nice background (I used a throw)

State how they're being sent. Proof of delivery is required to cover your back, else ebay and paypal will go against you. Proof of postage means noting to them as it's your responsibility to get it safely to the recipient.

Larger items are best sent by courier - parcel2go to compare. Offer collection too

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Originally Posted by Rhi_Rhi1 View Post
eBay has gotten more and more expensive and I’ve found buyers more and more dishonest... I once sold four things in two weeks and all four things “never arrived” what’s the chances ?! One guy messaged me like “it’s not arrived and it’s been seven days” I explained I was going on holiday and would have limited WiFi for the next two weeks so if he wanted me to issue a refund now then i would. He says nah it’s okay I’ll wait a few more days.... first day of my holiday I get an email from PayPal resolution centre telling me they are holding my funds etc etc as a case has been opened against me.... I haven’t been arsed with using eBay to sell since.

not to be a comple miserable toad but It’s just good to be aware when you send things that they are insured through the carrier or you send them signed for etc etc. Failing that sell on Facebook!
I agree with this. eBay will always side with the buyer no matter how dishonest they are. I once sold a purse that was very accurately described with measurements and numerous pictures and the buyer had the nerve to come back and say that she wants the purse that was pictured and described in the listing. She got the same purse that was listed and of course eBay gave her her money back and she got to keep the purse on top of it. I was SO irritated...

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