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Have you ever bought from Bright House? If so please read!

Previously Crazy George and by far one of the worst companies ever (in my personal opinion) ... lining their pockets through the desperation of families who couldn't afford to replace a broken washing machine, furnish their home and even afford Christmas.

I hope they shut down but if you have ever bought from them please read the article, you may be entitled to some money back or even your balance written off.

Customers whose deposits BrightHouse failed to refund signed up between April 2010 and April 2017. These customers will receive an average payment of 27.

The second group includes those who took out an agreement between April 2014 and September 2016. These will receive an average payment of 147.

In the case of customers who were not assessed properly at the start of the loan who may have had difficulty making payments, BrightHouse will pay back interest and fees along with compensatory interest of 8% - provided they handed back the goods.

Those who kept the goods will have their balances written off.

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We have a a Brighthouse in our local shopping centre and it really does prey on people in desperate situations who need to replace things for their family. I don't like them at all

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thats so sad they sound'nt be able to get away with it

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