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Flu Jab Side effects...

I had the flu jab at work on Thursday, have had a few days of a pretty sore arm (feeling like someone has punched me)...this morning Iíve noticed quite a sore painful moveable lymph node in my neck by my collar bone that wasnít there yesterday! I also had abit of a chesty cough & runny nose before the flu jab....does this just side like normal effects of the jab?


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I had mine and had the sore arm but nothing else tbh

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Mum (Mom)
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You probably had the onset of a cold immediately before having it/on the day of it being done. Most of the time when people have these symptoms it's because they had just caught a cold rather than the jab giving side effects.
I didn't have any side effects apart from a sore arm. My husband said he had a foggy head for a few hours after and a sore arm but that was it. I don't know anyone who has it done who has experience anything but a sore arm aside from my husband and his foggy head

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