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Help with my paint scheme!!

Ignore the sleeping brat - that was a few years ago.

I want to paint the walls because a: the kids have caused damage and my landlord shouldn't pay for it and b: the color is HORRIFIC and strains the eyes. I've seen a shade I love called Resene Neva but I refuse to pay $160 for 4 litres of paint! Because the room is dark because of the location of the enclosed deck, I want something that gives the illusion of light but something warm at the same time. I'm thinking yellows, a stone/blue or a green shade. I LOVE oranges and browns but not for the kids room.

My toss-up ideas as follows:


Opinions?? Going to need to have it done by the end of the year. Myself and my sister are leaning to either Sail or Sublime but are having a hard time picking either. But I want everyone's opinions anyhow so not based on the 2 I like most. Sorry. Link hasn't shown on colors so you will need to open as a link.

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