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Mummy bloggers

Just a random post really. Instagram and mummy bloggers. What are your opinions? Seems most of them want to show of their shabby chic homes with no clutter or dirt and their wardrobes. They gets thousands of women wanting to know where they buy this and that from so they can try and have a tiny bit of what they have. Not sure how they are relatable. They can do a humerus post about motherhood but they are not really in the same position as the rest of us who have to make do or can't afford beautiful homes, accessories and clothes. I personally feel rubbish about my home etc when I've looked at theirs. I hate the way they take a photo of a herbal tea in a perfect mug near a perfect plant in a perfectly clean decluttered luxurious home. Sighhh

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I take some good pictures, well I think so haha but that is one space and the space behind me is usually completely different

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