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who owns a chihuahua??

i have one and shes so delicate..keeps burping and has an attitude problem..barks at everything!!! just curious to know if they are all like that?

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my mom has two,
but she just got the 2nd, i would say her 1st one has an attitude, thinks shes a pit bull or something :P lol

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Ive always heard they're aggressive little buggers lol x

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Old Jun 23rd, 2010, 16:04 PM   4
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I've got one cross with a yorkshire terrier. Its a right bugger. Its only about 12 weeks old and it just attacks your ankles lol x

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Old Jun 24th, 2010, 03:16 AM   5
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I got one. Hes old though. Like 10-12 i rescued him from a shelter. And hes my baby. He doesnt like kids though! He isnt aggressive to us but he dislikes dogs,kids,and strangers. When hes with me he can just sit on my lap all day and be quiet.

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I belong to the group who wouldnt call a chihuahua a dog... I prefer shepherd dogs, or bigger terriers .(or labrador/retiever well that size and look anyway)

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Old Jun 24th, 2010, 04:01 AM   7
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They are dominant and protective but so loving too

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i think all small dogs are the same they think their hard as nails i have a mini yorkie and shes sat on my lap growling at big barn farm on cbeebies lol she really thinks she can take on the world but even the cats dont get scared off by her lol

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Weve got three Chihuahuas, all totally different personalitites.
Oscar - 3 and 1/2 yrs old. Grumpy and growls when the kids go near him, but the best behaved dog weve got! Very loyal.
Lady - 3 years old. Quiet, wimpy, soft, stupid, lets the kids do allsorts to her and loves it. Pathetic dog
Sid - 1 yrs old. Still a total puppy at heart. Acts like a fool, doesnt do as hes told, and just runs around doing stuff he shouldnt be doing. But makes us laugh though.

I wouldnt get anymore Chi's tbh. I dont think I'll get anymore dogs, im much more a cat person.

Oscars the ginger one (looks more like a Jack Russel, but he is 100% pure bread) Lady is the black and tan, and Sid is the teeny black one.

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ive got one & although we love him to bits & he is very loving towards us, he hates strangers & has a serious attitude problem so we have to be quite firm with him to prevent aggression

he barks at everything too so I think its pretty typical behaviour for this breed xx

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