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Weird dreams - how to stop them?

I have always had quite vivid dreams especially when pregnant or stressed.
I'm having them lately and I don't know why and they're disturbing my sleep. It's not that they are particularly bad but I am waking up. It's driving me mad especially as LO is now sleeping through!
How do I stop dreaming?!

Btw I don't eat cheese before bedtime so it's not that lol

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I get this too...some morning's if I've had a really crazy one I wake up and am really paranoid and irrational, my OH says its like I've been taking drugs the night before... i would never do that in a million yeats though, I barely drink either.

I once woke up and for about 10 mins before I was properly awake I was lying in bed convinced a chimney was chasing me...A CHIMNEY what the hell!

I recon if I don't eat loads of sugary things I have less crazy dreams.


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i think u can buy some herbal teas that are suppose to help ..

i get quite vivid dreams! they wake me up.. i get alot of tooth dreams, they fall out alot :/ x

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