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My Parcel delivered&signed for - erm no it wasnt UPDATE

As title says really was waiting on a Next delivery today popped out twice came back no calling card thought "wonder what time next deliver til" so I went online and realised could track my parcel, so I did. Says my parcel was delivered and signed for at 4.15pm - I was definately in at 4.15 and the 3 hours before that for that matter case there had been a delay in the systems updating. So I phoned Next and they said yeah was signed for and delivered "do you reconise the signature" - "what signature I haven't seen one" he said it's a backwards C and a H. I said no but I was but in at 4.15 anyway and no one came does it not say was left with a neighbour? as Iv not had a calling card. They said no dosen't say that, they are ringing me back Monday as whatever dept needs to deal with it isn't open over weekend. I haven't knocked on my neighbours door as we are fairly new and she has already took in quite a few parcels for me and as soon as I pull up on my drive she comes out to give them me, she is really nice about it so I don't want to go round asking if she's took my parcel in when I haven't even got a card saying she has - she's quite an old lady. I did put her house number down as to deliver too if I wasn't in so I wouldn't of thought they'd deliver it to another neighbour and not even leave me a card saying where! Im ever so annoyed as obviously somebody has signed for it and I aint got a clue who!! Im worried the courier may of tryed it on but wouldnt they at least try and copy my initials which isn't the C H. Grrr hope NEXT believe me and don't think I am trying to con them!!

Sitting in the livingroom this morning somebody walks past the window pops something through the letter box, I assumed was just a leaflet til realised was a calling card!!! I jumped up off sofa literally ha said my parcel was "over the fence" and yes it was! So obv the courier fancied clocking off early yesterday and thought they would sign the parcel off. Will be telling next that when they phone me back, delivery was suppose to be next day not when the courier felt like it

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I had this problem with Amazon a few weeks ago, ordered a birthday present for my friend's daughter and it said delivered but nobody recognized the signature and no card was left to say it was with neighbours or anything. Amazon refunded me my money and then her neighbours turned up 4 days later saying they had signed for it!

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they wil just ask u to send ur siggie in and theyll compare it x hope it gets sorted x

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this happened to me recently. i ordered something and phoned up kicking off when it didn't arrived for a friends birthday, they said it had been signed for at my address and sent me a copy of the signature. it wasn't my signature but they were adament it had been delivered to the correct address. it wasn't til i saw the girl from a few doors down and she looked really sheepish that i went on FB to check her surname and it was her who had signed for it! lots of doors here have numbers missing so the driver obviously got mixed up, but did he not notice the name was different? anyway, i went and knocked on her door and she was like "oh yeh, err, just a second" and came out with it, OPEN, she said her kids had been messing with it.. my bum! i was furious lol xxx

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Omg I'd be so annoyed!! I get everything delivered to store now when I get anything off next cus it never turns up when it's meant to!! x

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This happened to me with Tesco Direct. The courier turned up the next day with the package. I said it showed as being signed for and she said that the companies will put anything on those tracking sites I'm pretty damn sure she signed for it because she couldn't deliver it in the correct time.

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