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hi all I didnt really no where to post this so thought id do it in here!
im just looking for opinions really, I have a lodger who is in fact my cousins boyfriend.
wen they asked to lodge, I was in dire need of the money , which i'm not anymore. my cousin was a complete pain/slob and after witnessing them fighting and her throwing things around after they had rowed after a night out, I finally decided to make her leave..
they in fact broke up at this time so she left and he asked if he could have a few more weeks to find himself a room elsewhere.
I had no qualms with this at the time and it eventually ended up him staying longer then intended.
he has decided to go travelling which was meant to have happened back in September, but he wanted to save a little more so decided to stay longer.
during this time my relationship with my cousin has rollercoasted, as has their relationship.
most recently, since September, he has been sneaking her in in the middle of the night even though I have specified she was not to stay over considering the way she treated me when she lived here ( throwing my recently deceased fathers possessions around the house etc etc)

the lodger has lost his keys many a time and has taken to either ringing the doorbell at 3/4am or climbing up the side of the house and prying windows open ( showing everyone in the neighbourhood how easy it is to break in)
I ask him to close his window wen he goes out so the property is secure and he kicks off saying he doesn't want to because he likes his room to be cold!!!!
iv been shutting it myself so he's finally started closing it now 50 % of the time and usually if I point it out as he's leaving.

I have another set of lodgers as well who aren't the cleanest in the bunch but we had a house meeting and basically asked them politely if they wudnt mind just cleaning the bathroom once a week n myb hoover if they get a chance, which they do.
the lodger in questions doesn't shower here he does at the gym so all I have asked him to do is to wipe the cooker hood down once a week n the microwave if it needs doing, not a lot to ask( considering he's the one who spills everything all over it anyway)

iv been very understanding with him, fully aware that he is going travelling. I moved him to a smaller room with reduced rent so that he could save for his plane ticket etc, the room in question I could easily get double for, but I thought I would help him out so he can have a good money basis to go travelling!!
in a nut shell he's been a complete pain in the bottom recently n iv decided I would like him to leave. my only problem is wondering about notice.
I have no written agreement with him as when my cousin and him moved in , she was family so we kept it easy.
I am regretting that now!!
anyways he's decided to pay weekly instead of monthly( his choice)
and when he has said he was going to move out before he was only planning on giving me 1-2 weeks notice. and then changed his mind and stayed.

I am looking to give him 2 weeks notice, and hopefully he will go asap.
anyone got any views xxx

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