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4 weeks late, negative tests, help please

Ok, so I'm four weeks late but I had a very light spotting a day before my period should have come. It was unusual for me and only lasted maybe an hour. The first week I was nauseous all week but didn't throw up, and had an awful head ache. Since then I haven't had any symptoms other than my nipples are more sensitive. They don't hurt I just seem to notice them all the time. I've taken 4 hpt and had a urine test at my doctors and all came back negative. Also this last week during sex I've been unusually wet (sorry for tmi) like I'd almost say dripping and that is very unusual for me. We didn't use a condom for a week a week before my missed period but we used the pull out method. Do you think I could be pregnant?

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I am having the exact same problem! I am very late for my period and thought I got it today but it stopped. Me and my boyfriend had sex about a month ago, but I am on birth control. He pulled out with plenty of time, but I have been having the symptoms of pregnancy. It is freaking me out! What are the chances i could be pregnant??

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