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Am I pregnant or not??

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post so I apologise now if I've posted in the wrong section!!

I have a 10 week old baby, and for the last few weeks I've not felt myself at all. My partner and I started getting intimate again 4 weeks after our baby was born. The first time we used a condom and then since then we haven't used anything apart from the withdraw method (sorry tmi).

We went away last weekend and I felt really unwell and when I went into the jacuzzi I went really dizzy and felt really sickly.

On easter monday I decided to use a clear blue digital that I had spare in the bathroom cupboard and it said pregnant 1-2 weeks. It was a shock for us as my partner has a very very low sperm count and it took us 18 months trying for our baby. Even though it's so soon after our baby we were very excited at the prospect of being pregnant again.

I went to the doctor on the Tuesday morning to ask if there was any chance that because it was so recent that I had a baby could my hormones be giving a false positive? My doc advised me that the tests are very rarely wrong, that my hormones would of returned to normal (he said baby blues is the sign that they are returning to normal) and that 3 weeks max after birth would it give a false positive reading. He gave me a prescription for folic acid and advised me to take another test a week later if I wanted reassurance. He said to book in with the midwife.

I decided I'd wait to contact the midwife for a week. Anyway I went to tescos the other day and bought two cb digital tests and on Saturday caved and took one with fmu. It said not pregnant. Then I did the other this morning with fmu and again not pregnant. I've had no bleeding at all.

I don't know what to do or what to think now. I'm breastfeeding my baby so not sure if that makes any difference to anything. I'm just really really confused.

So sorry for the long post, just wondered if anyone could help,

Many thanks xx

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Hey hun, i would say its quite possible to be pregnant again, they say you are more fertile after having a baby have you done anymore tests and got a definate answer as ive just realised that this was posted a month ago! Take care hun x

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