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tesco boost or Christmas saver, how does it work?

I've just got a Tesco clubcard and been sent out a 2.50 voucher. What is clubcard boost? Is it worth doing or is opting into Christmas savers better option?


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I do the Christmas saver. Basically they don't send you out your vouchers until your November statement so you can then double up and use the vouchers in store. For example I currently have about 4250 points (I shop a lot lol) which means 42.50 vouchers but if I wait until Christmas then that will get doubled to 85 which is going to be really useful this year with baby being due just before Christmas !

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Im another christmas saver! basically just means as pp said, they dont send you any vouchers until November (you can do it online as they activate quicker online) so you can end up with quite a lot.. last year i had 8143 points and this year i had 5010 points. so converted to points i got 80 the first year and 50 this year which in the boost got doubled

Boost is only available on certain things and it will tell you online and in the shops which sections it can be done in, however you can only boost vouchers in a multiple of 5 so unfortunately your voucher this time wouldnt be enough.

Another good thing with the christmas saver is that you can 'top up' your clubcard, although you cant boost any amount you have topped up.

if you dont opt into the christmas saver you get vouchers every 3 months and if you dont spend a lot then you get next to nothing so christmas saver is the best option

Inside tesco stores there are also saving stamps. Ther should be a white machine with some stamp cards around it. You put 1 coins in it and you get one stamp per pound. you can save 49 on each card and iv you redeam in december they put the extra pount to make it 50. My neighbour said you can use it on just about anything but it has to be used in store.. cant be used online. I have started saving them and have 20.. ill be keeping them for birthdays and christmas's or weeks where we are a bit short on the shopping

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