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Probably nothing, but I have some symptoms

First off, I have PCOS and have had almost absent menstrual periods for 22 months. I had one AF at the end of April, but nothing since. In March my gyn told me that my IUD (Paraguard/non-hormonal) was malpositioned and entirely in my cervix. He let me know that not enough studies have been done regarding the efficacy of Paraguard outside the uterus to know if it is still effective, but that with my PCOS, it was very unlikely I'd get pregnant. He advised me, as he does everyone, to take 3-4 pregnancy tests/year just to be sure. I haven't done a test since June, so I'm about due for another one. Aside from the IUD, we use no protection and "risk" getting PG despite it being malpositioned.

For the last 2-3 days I've had really sore breasts. They're very tender to the touch and when I take my bra off at night, the weight of them really hurts. I sleep on my stomach and this has made that kind of painful. It's equal in both breasts and started at the same time. It's particularly sore behind the nipples. I've also been a bit nauseated, but I've found that my medicines can randomly bring this on, so it's very likely unrelated. I NEVER get PMS symptoms, aside from a mild ache in my lower back. Not once in my life. It's possible that that's different when I haven't had them for so long, I guess. Any guesses what the soreness might be if it's not PG/AF related?

Anyway.... biggest question:
Can I catch my morning urine and leave it out for a few hours and still get an accurate test result? I'm out of online cheapies, so I had to order more which won't be here until tomorrow, possibly after I have been up, and I have to pee first thing. Would it still be effective? I'll probably test again the next morning anyway, but if people know that it's definitely not reliable to let the urine sit for a few hours, I'll just hold off until the next morning.


Note: I had my IUD removed yesterday, but the breast tenderness had started before that. I forgot and didn't mention it to my gyn and he didn't do any blood work or ultrasounds at this appointment. Will go back for blood work in 7 weeks if AF hasn't shown up.

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