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I think the community is the only thing in nursing (or a day unit) that'll work when you've kids and a hubby on shifts or away. I ended up working in the private sector. Thinking I may apply for the health visitor secondment, which would start when I finish maternity leave.

And, yes, at hubby's passing out, even some of the mums looked a state. Just not respectable at all in their dress, thick makeup, orange skin. I felt I was the only properly dressed one there really.

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Name: Caitlyn
Military Branch: Army
How long he's been in: Swore in on June 10th of this year. Left for BCT Aug. 11,2014.
Currently Deployed?: He is in Basic Training
How long you've been together: 1 year and three months; married for a month and a half.
How do you like the Military Life?: It is very hard. The days seem slower and I feel alone but, I keep telling myself that each day that passes is another day closer to him being home. Staying strong is hard but, you have to do it. Regardless of how hard it is I wouldn't trade my life with him for anything.

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