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*~* Nursing Training Advice Please *~*

I'm currently on Maternity Leave. I'm due in Dec to have I want to start thinking about a change of career whilst I'm off work and thinking about becoming a diabetic children’s nurse or baby/children's nurse. Possibly midwifery?!

I don't have GCSEs in Maths or English and thinking of doing them at college next September.

Me and my partner are thinking about doing an OU course. Partner finishing his Engineering and me doing Level 1 in Social Science. The reason for the Social Science was I did it when I was in college as part of one of my BTEC National in Children's Care, Learning & Development module. I got an overall PPP due to being diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at the end of my course in March 2009 so I had to rush the end of the course.

I currently work well I'm employed as a Nursery Practitioner in a Private Day Nursery and worked in the Pre-School room which I loved but I would like a different career regarding children.

Just wondering how I get about (after my GCSE course finishes) starting courses etc and what advice do I need. I want to go back part time mon-wed days at work when LO is older and its a must due to money etc.

The things I'm worrying about is if I do a university course part time the night shift placements that are compulsory so I've heard. I don't drive so getting there etc is going to be hard!

Also money and fees? Do I get help etc with having a child and working etc?

Any advice and tips will be much appreciated thanks

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Right.. I started a nursing diploma in 2007 but left 1/2 way through because I didn't like it anymore.. since then all the funding has changed.. you use to get £525 a month off the nhs for doing the course & didn't have to pay course fees but now (as of 2012) you will only receive £1000(ish) per year for the course but you still don't need to pay for the fees.. you will receive child care funding - I have no idea how much though.. the night shifts are compulsory - you do what shifts your placement mentor is on, but I'm sure if you explain your situation they'll help you as much as they can.. if you go on Google & search for nursing funding there is a website with information on what you'd be entitled too & also a number for more in-depth information... also soon you'll only beable to do a degree - a diploma is easier... good luck x

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