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Safest Beta Blocker During Pregnancy?

I am 8 weeks pregnant, and have a rapid heart beat. I had it before pregnancy due to thyroid issues, and was on xanax and sometimes a propanolol (beta blocker) to help when I had bad episodes. I would especially need these when increasing my dose of thyroid medication since I am so so so sensitive. It would give me hyperthyroid symptoms for a while until my body became used to the higher dose. Well, since becoming pregnant, I require a higher dose so I now have the fast heart beat again. It gets really bad sometimes! My doctor prescribed me Lebatolol, but I have been taking it and notice that it really doesn't do anything for my heart rate. It just gives me a headache. I understand that it's mostly used for high blood pressure during pregnanct... It's a class C drug...
I've heard of Sotalol, and that one is a class B drug, which sounds safer than the Lebetolol... I just want something that is going to work on my heart rate immediately after I take it, but is safe for my baby!! My husband and I had been trying for 5 years, and finally went through IVF to get pregnant, and finally I am, and am petrified of anything going wrong!!
Anybody else have any experiences with taking beta blockers during pregnancy? If so, which one did you take and did it effect your baby at all? Was it successful in reducing your heart rate?
Thank you!!!

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I was on Lebetolol and it is a very safe beta blocker . I would ask your doctor and see what he suggests. As far as i know though Lebetolol is safe and most used in pregnancy. Good Luck.XOXO

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Maybe they need to up the Labetalol. The MFM told me they can safely go up to 2400mg a day during pregnancy.

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