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Acid reflux, vomiting and GD

I would really appreciate any help that anyone can offer - im 35 weeks. I have been starting to get acid reflux in the last few days but it really hit me today - after I had lunch I literally vomited everything straight back up and my throat is on fire. I kept an eye on my glucose level as I had taken lunchtime insulin, and about half an hour before I was meant to recheck (2 hour levels here) I felt a bit funny, so I checked and realised that my level was 3.7 - not a hideous hypo, but would have been worse if I'd waited until the right time to check! I am normally very well controlled so this was first hypo, due to the vomiting. Ate some jelly babies which corrected it to just over 4 and then had some toast, but have just been sick again so going to have to keep an eye on it again... I do have some gaviscon here but that usually makes me pretty nauseous, so I'm almost afraid to try it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do if the reflux persists? What sort of food should I avoid? I'm guessing that the reflux is normal at this stage, but just afraid that I might continue to have hypos if the nausea/vomiting carries on, however I don't want to cut my insulin down as if I don't vomit then I will have high glucose levels...

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