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Bleeding and Cramping and Terrified. Can I still be prego?

Hello everyone,
This is my first time posting here. This is my first pregnancy and I'm about 4-5 weeks along. I'm 29 years old and in good health. I had a positive test on Friday but I started bleeding heavily during sex on Sunday. The bleeding was red with clots but it was brief. The next morning I woke up with bleeding, clots, and cramps so I went to my OB. She drew blood and is checking my levels again tomorrow to see if they are rising correctly. They didn't see anything on ultrasound but they weren't concerned. They did find a large ovarian cyst, which they say isn't harmful, but I still don't like it being there. It's big enough that's it's pushing my uterus to one side. Which is just adding to the stress.

Anyway, she said my cervix is closed but the bleeding has persisted. It's red and sometimes brown and mild to moderate in flow for 2 days now with no sign of slowing down. I have also had frequent cramping. It's almost continuous, especially when I'm doing anything active, even walking around the grocery store. It's not as painful as people have described during a m/c but it's uncomfortable to the point where I need to lie down for a while. Lying down does help and after a while it will go away and I can get to sleep. I have had very mild pregnancy symptoms so I can't tell if they are changing or if it's my imagination.

But in the meantime I am freaking out. My husband and I were so excited for 2 days and now it's been a nightmare. I'm trying very hard to keep it together, especially at work, since I don't want them to know. Is it possible to still be pregnant? I would love to hear any thoughts, even if they mean m/c. The worst part is not knowing if I have a baby brewing or if I'm just waiting for the inevitable.

If this has happened to you before please tell me what your experiences were. Thanks in advance to everyone!

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Oh I am so sorry you are going through this. I too am about 5 weeks along and went in yesterday for brown spotting. They reassured me this was most likely implantation bleeding that can occur up to 12 weeks. As for the bright red blood? It could mean m/c but it could also be irritation from sex (I'm too afraid to have sex yet...poor DH). And as for the cramping, this was pretty common for me off and on until this week. So, what i'm saying is it could be a m/c, but it may also very likely be a few unrelated things mimicking a m/c...good luck to you!!

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I too have had very mild pregnancy symptoms as most don't show up until 6 weeks...please hang in there! I feel like I am losing my mind too waiting for my blood draw tomorrow, but worrying wont change anything and certainly isnt good for baby....easier said than done, right?

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I am bleeding too

I am so sorry to hear your story.

I will tell you mine that just happening/is happening.

Last Monday, I started bleeding heavily. Bright red and dark red (no brown). I went to the ER, they did an trans vaginal ultrasound and the sac was seen that measured 5 weeks 2 days, but nothing inside. They told me that there was nothing they could do if I was miscarrying and I should hold out hope, but I had a 50/50 chance. I was placed in the "Threatened miscarriage" category. I kept bleeding heavy, clotted a few times, and one was very odd looking. I thought for sure I had miscarried that day. and on Thursday I saw an OBGYN and he did another HCG test to check if my levels doubled and did another trans vaginal ultrasound. Again, a sac that measured 5 weeks 4 days and nothing inside. He talked with me about possibility of miscarrying and blighted ovum. He also put me on progesterone orally twice a day because he thought I may have low progesterone and told me to come back Tuesday (that's today).
I bled through the entire weekend. I was so scared. Bright red blood and it was scaring me. I thought for sure I had or was miscarrying. The cramps started Sunday afternoon and continue to this point in time. They are on my right side and are dull and achy and go into my back which is more of a sharp pain. I also have a cold, so coughing just increases the pain. Anyhow, I went back and had my ultrasound today.

I was sure they wouldn't see anything again after driving myself crazy on the web doing research. What we saw was amazing. The sac had grown and could now be seen on a trans abdominal, but still nothing inside, so he did another trans vaginal. There it was. A yolk sac, fetal pole, and cardiac activity.

Through my research I found that sometimes a gestational sac isn't seen until into the 5th week. I have also found that bleeding can be normal. Cramping and bleeding together are can be a bad sign, but you already know that you have a luteal cyst and those hurt. It scared me too. I full heartedly believe that I have low progesterone and that the progesterone is what is saving my baby. The bleeding is spotting now.

My suggestion is to see an OB GYN and talk to them about progesterone. I have been told that it can only help, but if you are miscarrying, it will hold onto the pregnancy longer until you can be sure.

I just wanted to tell you my story so that you know that bleeding and clotting can be normal and that you can continue on. I am still within the 12 week period where anything can happen, but am more optimistic now.

I hope that everything works out for you and I am sending thoughts your way.

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I'm sorry your going through this
Similar thing happened to me, light brown spotting turned into red and clots. I ended up loosing my baby. Clots and cramps generally are not a good thing.
Fingers crossed for you!

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