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Polyhydramnios--ladies with experience? Advice please?

Hi ladies,
This is the same post I posted in third trimester, but figured I might ask it here as well since it is a complication.

So today I had my 37 week appointment and got the results from my ultrasound from Monday. The baby is measuring two weeks ahead (I am not too concerned about that part) but I also have developed polyhydromnios. I am not really sure what to expect. I have to see a perinatologist to get a more detailed scan to check for possible complications and have to be monitored twice a week at the hospital now. After all my complications this pregnancy (just one after another) I was hoping to have a smooth last couple of weeks. No such luck...

Do any of you ladies have experience with this condition? What should I expect? What complications did you face, if any?

Thank you for any replies. I appreciate any advice that can be given.

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i was diagnosed with PH(borderline high) at week 32 , since then i had weekly blood sugar tests and by week 35 I had been asked to walk and exercise a lot ,since my gynec wanted me to deliver by week 37 .Had a scan at week 36 which showed the PH was still border line .The lazy bee that I am , I started walking (a lot ) on dot week 37 and DS was here on 37+1 (our perfect bundle of joy ) .

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i was diagnosed with this today, too, at my growth check for single umbilical artery. my GD test came back fine, so no worries there, and baby is measuring 11 days ahead.

if it helps, my sister also had polyhydraminos...and she had a LOT of excess fluid. she got huge at the end of her pregnancy and had a lot of edema in her legs, but my nephew is just fine. she didn't have GD either. she ended up being induced at 38 weeks (i think...maybe 39) just because she asked if she could be and her doctor said, "sure!". haha!

good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

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