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His growth shouldn't have been concidered I won't tell you what happened to me but go back and demand a plan be made xxxx

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Originally Posted by carolcrk View Post
Originally Posted by Rainbow82 View Post
Thanks lizlemon, scan today actually went well, resistance has decreased, still high but within normal range and fluid is back up to a normal range as well. Am so happy. We have another growth scan in Monday to check growth and hopefully they will let us know if they plan to induce or let us go past due date.

what did the doctors advise you to do, since your resistance lowered?

because i am having the same problem
expecting twins but one of them dropped in weight percentile and the resistance was high lije yours >95
Our Drs basically advised and did nothing but monitoring then induced suddenly at 39 weeks. I was drinking about 3 litres of water a day though to try to up the fluid level but I'm not sure any real difference was made, had an emergency section in the end and am so glad because when he was born the placenta and cord just didn't look right. When they said the resistance had lowered to be honest I think the measurement wasn't taken correctly so I'm glad they induced when they did as he was barely moving by then.

Make sure they are monitoring you regularly and any change in movements go in as many times as you need.

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