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Amniotic Band?

Just had my 20 week scan, and our little girl is all good.

Except they've found an amniotic band that runs from the front to back wall, very close to my cervix.

I've got another scan in a few weeks.

Anyone else got any experience with these?

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Amniotic bands during pregnancy are observed in rare cases. It is also called threads. The way they form has to do with the two layers of membrane in the amniotic sac. These are called the inner amnion and the outer chorion, and they are separate in early pregnancy. It can cause serious complications. But apparently in 80% of cases it disappears by 24 weeks.If your doctor saw no abnormalities other than the amniotic sheet/band at the time of your scan, it’s usually nothing to worry about. So wait for another scan and good luck.

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Yeah I posted this in September.
I am now 35 weeks and at my last scan last week they couldn't locate it, so should be all good.