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Ears popping/clicking during pregnancy

Hi there, not sure I am in the right section so hope this is ok!...........

has anyone experienced ear popping/clicking when you swallow/yawn during pregnancy? since 16 weeks I have had this and it's driving absolutely insane. I am now 20+4.

Any experience appreciated, if you have had this, did it resolve after birth?



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I've had this throughout as well, and was told it's actually kind of common, just due to fluid I think she said.

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I had it in my first pregnancy, completely stopped after birth.

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In pregnancy sometimes you experience weird symptoms like a popping sound in your ears. But this is quite normal, and not unheard of, the symptoms might indicate an underlying condition. If you are pregnant and suffer from ear problems, the buildup of ear wax or any respiratory infections, you may experience a popping sound inside your ears.For popping sounds due to mild problems in the ear, your doctor may suggest some easy treatment options such as chewing gum, yawning or stretching.

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I have this. Im 22 weeks with twins. I read it can mean you have thin inner ear tubes (forgot the name) and I think because you get all stuffy in pregnancy it makes these thin tubes worse.

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Mine would feel blocked- completely went after birth.

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In my 1st pregnancy my ears were almost completely blocked, it effected my hearing. I did ear candling and used alcohol on Q-tips after showers to keep the fluid out of my ears. They both worked temporarily but the next day it would always come back. Maybe try alcohol on a swab first and see if that dries any ear fluid up. It's an old swim trick with children to prevent swimmers ear that works quite effectively but it just depends on how far in the fluid is in your ears.

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