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High Blood Pressure

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering what other's experience is with high blood pressure and pregnancy? I am not pregnant now, but we plan to start trying in the next few months. I have high blood pressure, which I have had since I was a teenager. I currently take losartan and it is well managed. I met with an OBGYN for a preconception exam and she said I am healthy except for the high blood pressure. She switched me to 30mg of nifedipine. I did start taking it, and got a bad headache and vomited several times. I also felt like my heart was racing. I emailed the OBGYN to let her know, but she didnt seem to think it was that big if a problem. Obviously I cant go through life feeling like that, so I am wondering what others with high blood pressure have done? Have you taken nifedipine and it gets better as your body adjusts? I really want to get this figured out before we start trying to get pregnant.

Thanks for your help!

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Nifedipine is used as a tocolytic medicine at the onset of a preterm labor. It slows down the uterine contractions and delays the process.

The drug is used by doctors in cases of sudden commencement of a labor before the due date when there is no real emergency.

Nifedipine drug is a calcium channel blocker used to treat other ailments and conditions like high blood pressure and heart diseases.

It is used for pregnancy on an exclusive basis in cases of preterm contractions and unwanted early labor.

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High blood pressure during pregnancy can be dangerous for both the mother and the fetus.But the good news is that many pregnant women with high blood pressure have healthy babies without serious problems. Your blood pressure is more likely to arise if you were overweight at the start of your pregnancy. As you are already on Nifidipine, this is likely to have been reviewed when planning your pregnancy or in early pregnancy. It's also best to keep your salt intake low, as having a lot of salt can push up your blood pressure. Some medications used to lower blood pressure are considered safe during pregnancy

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You should see a maternal fetal medicine doctor for a preconception appt

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