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Spotting @ 4-5 weeks

I hope this is all me worrying for nothing:

My LMP was October 3rd. Around Nov 3rd, because I didn't feel my period even feel my period about to start, but felt nausea, I tested, very negative. I gave it a few more days, then went test crazy. All negative. I did that for about a week, then was like whatever body. Then I was two weeks late, tested again. Very negative. Then last Monday (11/14), which was maybe a day later, I got a positive. A faint positive. Tested again Wednesday (11/16) and it was faintly positive again. Worry started to set in because if I was that far along then it shouldn't have been that faint. So Wednesday afternoon I tell my bf I'm pregnant. He was quite happy, even though it wasn't planned. But he seemed excited. After work I started to cramp, then spot (pink in my CM). So we went to hospital that night.
After 3 hours, the ER doc said that if I was pregnant, I wasn't anymore. And that I would be miscarrying that night, or in the next couple of days. We both started crying. My hcg levels were 89.
Saturday (11/19), I went to a different doctor, because even though I was having period cramps, and i spotted briefly after sex, there was no miscarriage. Levels were 310. And that doctor said that I was so early that maybe they couldn't decide if it was a viable one or not. So to come in Monday
So yesterday I went to a specialized ER, and ultrasound still showed nothing. Like could not find sac or anything, anywhere. And hcg was "more than 650". Never got actual numbers. He said to come back in two more days.
So tomorrow I go again.

About an hour ago the cramping became quite worse, like a dull, ache across my back and hips. And when I went to the bathroom there was increased spotting

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So my question is this: am I pregnant? or am I miscarrying? If I'm pregnant, how far along am I? Do I go by LMP? or by the numbers? Why am I spotting so much? There was no sex or BM this time....
Also forgot to mention that there were two noticeable cysts on my right ovary. One a normal corpus luteum cyst, and the other one unknown. but its like 2cm x 3cm or something

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Just to update for future ppl, now 20 weeks pregnant everything ok

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congratulations glad its all ok

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Lovely update. Glad all turned out well 🙂

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That's amazing! Congrats and thanks for the update.

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That's great news x

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