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Fever /flu for 5 days at 5 weeeks pregnant causing birth defects?

Ok hoping I can get some feedback on here!! I'm pregnant with my second child naturally, which is an amazing miracle! IVF for first. But, I'm just getting over the flu which caused me a high fever off and on for many days during my 5th week of pregnancy. I've done a lot of research and found it's much more likely to have birth defects, especially neural tube defects from being that sick with a fever so early on. Anyone experience this? What was your baby's outcome? I'm beyond upset and worried and no one to talk to!! Help! 🙏🏼 TIA!

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I just bumped into your thread and saw that no one replied i hope you are ok now. I dont have an answer but my friend was very sick when she was about 5 weeks pg. Terrible flu with high fever, she was so unwell that she did not even test for pg and found out only after. Her daughtet is now 6 and she is perfect. Hope that helps at least a bit. Good luck with your pregnancy x

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I had the worst flu ever from 4-6 weeks . All was just fine don't worry xxxx

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I think it may be more of a worry if it's a prolonged overheating of the body. I had the flu at 10 weeks pregnant and a sinus infection last week, both which led me to have 101 degree F fevers - my midwife was concerned but said Tylenol and rest were enough to bring the fever down, if it got to 103 then it was more worrisome. I'm sure baby is okay, I hope you're starting to feel better.

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