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Gestational Diabetes

It didn't look like there was an active GD discussion thread, so I though - I'll start another!

I am on baby #5; my first 2 were non-GD, my last 2 were GD and this one is assumed to be GD. I had an early test to rule out type 2 (since it is almost certain that I will develop). I am also an older mom now, and that appears to contribute to this as well (38 yrs old and pregnant feels a LOT different than 29, let me tell you!)

A couple things to share - before having babies, I struggled with LOW blood sugar, and low weight. It was a complete and total shocker to be told I had a HIGH blood sugar issue, but it turns out that is actually a bit common. Chronically low blood sugar issues, or hypoglycemia, indicates something going on with your pancreas/insulin system - which can easily end up translating later on into the opposite problem of high blood sugar, both pre-diabetes and full blown diabetes. Still, I was pretty shocked and depressed and thoroughly confused when I was initially diagnosed the first time.

One thing that helped me get through it was a really great thread on this forum! I found so many other mommies who were going through the same thing, or had previously gone through it and were willing to share their experiences! We shared numbers, discussed diet and exercise, compared medications - it was highly informative! I hope to pay it forward

1st baby, no GD (diagnosed), born on due date 8 lbs 4 oz and slightly precipitous vaginal birth (less than 30 minutes at hospital before baby was delivered); somewhat excessive amount of amniotic fluid
2nd baby, no GD (diagnosed), born on due date 8 lbs 9 oz, vaginal birth but did require manual membrane rupture to get things going more quickly naturally (still a short in-hospital labor ~6 hrs)
1st GD baby (#3 overall) was managed entirely through diet and adding a wee bit of exercize (10 minute walk after some meals); born 10 days early normally, 7 lbs 6 oz & completely healthy
2nd GD baby (#4 overall) was not as well managed and skipped the walks entirely (it was cold and icy); induced at 39 weeks, vaginal birth w/ shoulder dystocia 9lbs 4 oz (this was not fun), baby had minor blood sugar issues in first 6 hours but normalized within 24.

3rd GD baby (#5 overall) and the fact that I neglected to do what I was supposed to do after last baby (get checked for pre-diabetes/or type 2 outside of pregnancy) resulted in an early 1st tri glucose challenge, which I failed. I failed every 1 hr test I took with every pregnancy. However, I passed the longer test. I am currently just shy of 27 weeks. I am testing blood sugars and trying to figure out a reasonable exercise I can do after meals. Kiddos got me a yoga book so we plan on adding that as a family after dinner at least, and I can walk around my office during the week for after lunch exercise and I hope that will make a difference. I'm not yet testing regularly (the normal fast, and then 1 hr post meal), as the dr just wanted me to get a sense for where my numbers are starting.

As for diet tips - #1 thing to remember is to keep eating. It is very important to avoid the thought that all carbs are bad. This is not true at all, and can be just as damaging for the baby as having too high of blood sugar. Instead, it is really good to brush up on the glycemic index to identify good options for carbs that are more likely to give you sustained energy but less likely to cause blood sugar spikes. Eating highly balanced meals that include low GI/high fiber carbs, quality proteins, moderate amounts of fats, and veggies is great. This takes more thought and awareness and planning than I was used to, but it is a pretty good way to approach food in general.

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