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new here advice needed

Since around thanksgiving i have been having terrible headaches, spurts of unbelievably high blood pressure and my vision will go double, blurry and i see black spots occasionally. All my blood labs are within normal range but with all these symptoms ive only been having trace protein. I found out right after christmas that my baby is borderline IUGR shes about a month behind in growth and we find out on the 18th if she has gained any weight. Im doing a 24 hour urine test and ive done them before but with this one my urine is very dark and foamy. Does that mean anything? Im hoping for some answers because all my symptoms point towards prc-eclampsia... Anyone ever had this happen?

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dark urine, sounds like dehydration possibly. that could also cause the random blood pressure spikes and headaches. have you been well hydrated?

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