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Woww, congratulations on your baby girl's arrival! I hope all goes well with the induction, looking forward to an update

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Best of luck for today I'll be thinking of you

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Hi Ladies- I know it's been a while since you posted, but I'm looking for some support. I had my 20 week scan yesterday for my little boy, and the technician originally measured the ventricle at 10.6 mm. The doctor looked at it and thought it looked normal, so remeasured it at 8.6mm. I think if he had measured it in the first place, we wouldn't have been going through this (I'm thankful that he is so good and double checks the technicians' work). Everything else looks okay so far, but they want to bring me back in 2 weeks.

I know you ladies went through this scare- I'm looking for some happy stories or some reassurance that this is a manageable thing. I've already had cell free DNA, so I'm not worried about Edward's Syndrome, and the cerebellum and space behind the brain look fine.

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