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General Anaesthetic, C-Section

Hi ladies

Really just looking for advice/ positive experiences from anyone who is, or has been, in the same situation as myself.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have a low-lying, anterior placenta. I'm back at the hospital for another scan next week but the consultant I saw last week said that because my placenta is only 1.2cm away from the cervix, it's almost definitely going to be a c-section delivery. I'm fine with this, as I had an emergency c-section at the end of a long labour with my first child. However, because the placenta is at the front, he said I might need to be put to sleep. This news has really upset me for various reasons (not being awake when my baby is born, the negative effects of the GA on the baby, recovery in the hours after the op, consequences for breastfeeding etc) and I'm hoping they will be able to do a spinal in th end. I had a GA years ago to get my wisdom teeth taken out and woke up from the op in floods of tears, shaking uncontrollably for about 30-60 mins and with a nose bleed. It was a horrible experience all round.

Is anyone in a similar situation? Or has anyone else been put under GA for a c-section?

Thanks xx

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I was put under GA with my first csection. I was pretty loopy the rest of the day but I was also on pain meds so I'm not sure which played more of a part in my loopy-ness. It didn't affect baby or breastfeeding at all. I know someone else that was put under for her csection and she also didnt have any issues with bfing.

Sorry this might have to happen! It's not ideal but I don't have anything negative to say about my experience other than it sucked not being awake for the birth of my baby!

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