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placenta accreta - anyone?


I have been diagnosed with possible placenta accreta. I also have complete placenta previa and possible vasa previa. Just seeing if anyone else is going through possible placenta accreta right now as well who wants to be a buddy? I have read so many stories about this and different outcomes, some real horror stories. I have had ultrasounds and MRI. They don't think I have signs of percreta at all, but still possible accreta. They are planning for a possible hysterectomy at time of c section but will try to spare my uterus if possible. C section will be around 35 weeks. This is my 4th pregnancy and I have one child. They are recommending no more pregnancies after this. It's all very stressful.

Or even if you have been through this before, any words of advice you can provide?

Thank you.

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My friend had suspected accreta. C section 35 weeks. General anesthesia was used but all was clear just some extra blood vessels. Baby did stay in nicu for 3 weeks which was hard but he's a healthy baby. And she kept her uterus and there wasn't mention of no more pregnancies.

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I have 3 girls 19,16 & 11 years old. All born very early at 27 weeks, 27 weeks, (angel baby boy, born asleep) 23+6 weeks & 26 weeks. So l knew it'd be a stressful pregnancy, just not this early. I was told at 5 weeks that baby had implanted on a previous c section scar & will probably have to terminate the pregnancy, I had to go back the following day for a scan with the consultant. He said it was just above & I could continue. since then I'd had many bleeding episodes. I was told at 9 weeks I had an extremely large cyst on one of my ovaries, they said if it hasn't shrunk by my 12 week scan I may have to have surgery to remove it whilst I'm still pregnant. Well a week later I had large bleed with clots & my scan showed the cyst had popped & that's what the bleeding was. I then had more bleeding. On the 25th July I woke at 1:45am to what looked like a scene from a horror film. I rushed to A & E they did bloods & kept me in. They did an internal & said that my ocervix was open & my placenta was poking through it (I had complete placenta previa) . They told me I was having a miscarriage. The following day it settled down a bit, I was constantly bleeding. I was on bedrest for the foreseeable future. I was told if I was still bleeding like this they'd deliver baby at 23/24 weeks. At 17 weeks they said I had to see my consultant every week. I had an infection because of the bleeding they didn't know if it was a urine infection or an infection in my uterus so was put on antibiotics to cover both. 3 weeks later I lost a smelly discharge so they decided to keep me in. I hemoraged again & they saw for themselves how much I was loosing. They said I'd have to stay in now until he was born. I had a couple of scans & they suspected I had acreta, this is where the placenta grows through my womb. So they said I'd have to go to a hospital better equipped to deal with my complications & also my local hospital is only a level 2 NICU I needed a level 3. There was no beds or cot for one or both of us at any hospital close by so after 2 weeks I was transferred* by ambulance to The William Harvey hospital Ashford in Kent. I hemorrhaged again & had to have a blood transfusion. This happened a few times. I was given a 15% chance of survival at delivery & told I was a ticking time bomb. I was given a MRI scan to confirm placenta acreta which it did. After 4 weeks it was decided that I needed to be transferred to Adenbrook's hospital in Cambridge. So I was eventually after my consultant argued with ambulance control that if I delivered there I wouldn't survive so needed to be transferred. I was transferred. I'd been having strong contractions for over 10 days so the ambulance journey made them worse. Less than an hr after arriving at Adenbrook's hospital I said "these pains are getting worse" they said try not to worry because I'll know if anything is going to happen because I'll bleed due to the placenta previa. Then I said "I think I'm bleeding". They lifted the sheet and the bed turned red & we could hear it dripping onto the floor. I hemorrhaged really bad. They pulled the emergency buzzer & everyone came running in. I was taken to theatre there was so many people I was like a rabbit in headlights. I think someone said there was 38 people in there. I've had prem babies before so knew this wasn't normal. I had 3 anethatists putting in lines in my arms neck etc & a catheter was also being put in. The bleeding seemed to slow so they said hang on a moment but then I had excruciating pain so they proceeded. I suddenly thought oh crap my hubby doesn't know please can someone tell him. They said yes. I was put to sleep and woke up on the close observation ward. I was in agony again I'd had many c sections so knew this wasn't right. They gave me morphine the full dose it didn't touch the pain, so they gave me ketamine a very strong pain killer. That didn't work either so the anethatists asked for me to be reviewed by the Dr's. They came & examined me. Then all of a sudden loads of clots came out n I hemorrhaged again. I didnt have to have a hysterectomy in the end. My baby was born at 26 weeks & although hes still on highflow (assisted ventilation) at home at 18 months old because he has severe chronic lung disease we're both here & survived. I hope my post helps & doesnt scare you toi much. Good luck. I also may well be pregnant again not sure till i test on sunday so slightly craping myself. Came on this forum to see if anyone was or had had accreta before & ttc

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