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Not enough fetal dna for cell fee test?

I took the Informaseq (which I believe is Verifi just run through LabCorp) cell free dna test at 10 weeks 5 days and was just told today that there was not enough fetal dna to do the test. They didn't report the fetal fraction, just not enough for the test.

After going down the rabbit hole of the internet, I am freaking out a bit.

My BMI is high, so I am hoping that this combined with the fact that I took the test on the earlier side is the cause of this. I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks and everything was measuring on target. No other red flags except this, my weight, and that I suffer from hypothyroidism (no clue if this is related).

I did the First Tri Blood screen and will be doing the sono on Friday. The genetics counselor said she will meet me and give risk results from the first tri screen immediately after and we will discuss next steps.

Has anyone else here had a result of not enough fetal dna and what was the outcome?

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I don't have any experience but i didn't want to read and run, if this was an uncommon/bad sign i am sure they would have informed you of that xxxxxx

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Did you take a second test yet? I wouldn't have much concern with the first. If you take the test a second time with the same conclusion, the odds are higher for concern. FX...I've been in your position before.

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