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Hematoma and Terrified

Hi everyone, I know there are a million threads about SCHs, but I've lost two pregnancies already (one a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks, another a cornual pregnancy (rare form of ectopic) at 7 weeks, and I'm so terrified that this pregnancy is on its way out. I'm about 7 weeks, and I woke up on Weds March 1 having bled during the night, and when I went to the bathroom there was lots of bright red blood. I went into my doctor and she said the embryo looked great but that I had a hematoma. But it's not a SCH because it's not near the sac. She put me on progesterone suppositories and said not to exercise/walk too much, and come back in next week. So the following day I only had brown spotting which was encouraging, but today again I've had some dark red bleeds and these brown clots--it's not constant, it comes and gos, but it doesn't seem to be stopping. Is this still the hematoma? Is it bad that it's still bleeding? I don't know if there's anything more she can do for me so I don't know if I should go back and see my doctor again or just wait until my next appointment. Any advice/similar stories appreciated!

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I had an sch, so this may be different. But I had so much bleeding with it from 5-9 weeks. I would bleed red, then it would go to brown, then red again. My dr wanted to see me abybtime it was red and I would get an ultrasound which was reassuring. One night I even passed a clot the size of my fist. I just knew it was over, but then there were my twins wiggling away on ultrasound not even effected. I bled again at 17 weeks and then it stopped finally.
Bleeding doesn't always mean the end. My dr explained that there are so many blood vessels in the uterus that they can just bleed like crazy.

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