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low hcg? 5w 6 days barely a line

hi all just looking for anyone who's had similar experience as i can't get my head around this..

LMP was 26 Jan and cycle is avg 31 days so period was due around 26 Feb.

There was only one possible time i could have conceived which was unprotected sex 11 Feb.

Period didn't arrive and I felt a bit suspicious so i tested but kept getting negatives. I've done a total of 9 tests since my missed period, a few different brands and all negative. But I have a lot of symptoms and have 5 children so I couldn't shake the feeling.

Anyway, I got very "seasick" yesterday so decided to test again today, 10 days late, and i got an extremely faint line. It does have colour and it came up before the 3 minutes were up.

I just can't get my head around how it could be so faint 10 days late. I've never had this before and like i said i've had a lot of pregnancies!

Obviously I am going to see my doctor once i've absorbed this. but im wondering, is low hcg a bad thing? Did this happen to you and you went on to have a healthy pregnancy?

Thanks for any input.


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I had faint lines with this pregnancy until around 7 weeks, they were visable but not very dark. I'm now 30 weeks.x

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could be the hook effect try diluting the wee and test again

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